Somic Draws

I don't take commissions. I only draw for friends for no money. If we know each other, you can just ask. Drawing is just one of my hobbies and I do not plan on monetizing it currently.

What I draw:

Drawing can be:

Colored sketch
Flat color

What I don't do:


Backgrounds: I can do them, but I'm not very good at these yet and I am still developing my skill in that regard.

Deadlines: I can take months to make a drawing as it's just one of my many hobbies and I'm not ready to provide deadlines. A drawing can take months for me to do.

Ideas: It's better to have an exact idea, but you can be brave with your ideas, I'll tell if something is too much.

Ownership and atribution: The final drawing is all yours and you can use it in any way you want, but I may prohibit mentioning me as the author when posting the drawing publicly if I feel like it.

No promises: I may decline to draw something without explaining reasons. I may forget about the drawing, deprioritize it, or cancel it without informing. I am likely not going to inform on my progress.